Day Trip, Savannah

And of , fish sticks, junk and bars.


Brian and I made a day trip to on the Saturday after to visit Carrie and Steve. It is always wonderful to see our only child, and her husband, who is quite charming and witty.


This light Pilsner was an excellent choice for fish.


We had lunch at The Distillery, a watering hole in the Historic District. It was my first time there and I liked it, but it had way too many beers to choose from – over 100 beers with at least 21 craft beers on tap. I wanted something light since I was having fish sticks. And, what awesome fish sticks they were!

Light, crunchy cod.


Then on to the shopping. We traversed Bull Street, Broughton Street, and streets in-between perusing numerous antique shops and since my mind is in its “renewed” mode of salvage, re-purposing and shabby chic décor thinking, I had my eyes peeled for unique finds. I bought two small tins. I’m going to drill holes in them and make some kind of homemade wind chimes.

Taking a little rest at City Market.

We stopped at Starbucks on Broughton Street for a refresher and while the gang went in for our orders, I stood outside and had a cigarette.  A woman, sitting at a Starbucks outdoor table on the corner, asked me for a “light,” which in smoker lingo means, she needs a “light.”  She was wearing a bright green babushka, and holding a dark brown cigarillo, and I lent her my lighter. After she lit up, she asked me for a dollar. It’s Thanksgiving, I thought, so I reached in my pocket and gave her the money I had.

We passed at least two Hookah bars in our travels.  This is super significant in that after I got home and did a bit of internet research I saw just how naïve I was. You see, I thought Hookahs were illegal in the states. I envisioned Hookahs as these illicit Turkish wacky weed, getting high, kind of places that were only legal in other parts of the world. I thought hookah was just one degree shy of marijuana! And, when I saw these Hookahs on the streets of Savannah, good ole USA, I sorta flipped about it!  I reckon that maybe inhaling special Turkey blends of tobacco through a water pipe while lying around on pillows and listening to sitar music gets you high, I dunno.  But, yeah, I’ve added doing this to my bucket list.

No one wanted leftover turkey for dinner, so homemade spaghetti and a fresh lettuce salad before heading home.

The two heaping pasta filled plates closest to camera belong to the guys!



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