Our house is a very very very fine house, with four cats and a dog…

I get asked frequently about our – four cats and a dog – and let me just say that they are spoiled rotten and very demanding of our attention. Each one loves to be the center of our affection and regardess of who temporarily holds that coveted position, the others, jealous creatures that they are, constantly try to knock the other out, in “I’m King of the Hill” fashion, and claim it for themselves. Here are some recent pictures:

Grace and nap on the loveseat.

Charlie and Tink on the back of the couch.

Sam likes his new fence.

Tess wants to help pack.

Charlie and Sam share the loveseat with Cindy.

Charlie and Tink on the rocker.


8 thoughts on “Our house is a very very very fine house, with four cats and a dog…

    • Bon, I’m not sure why you provided the link to this site, but I’ve looked at it and you are right! It is full of wonderful articles about western PA – the place of my birth and childhood and where many friends and family live! Check it out!

  1. It looks like Charlie is fitting right in with all the critters. Pets can be a great joy and they love you unconditionally. As for lowering blood pressure mine is steadily going up. I’ll need to get it checked out. Take care, miss and love you.

  2. I’m soooooo jealous! As far as Rich is concerned, Chloe is it. I’d love to have a house full of pets. I watch Animal Planet all the time, especially the specials about cats and dogs. Kara and I text back and forth about which breed of cat or dog we would like to have.

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