I need some writing advice, please

So, as you can see by my numbers (to the left, on my sidebar) I have been writing on my project. This is getting increasingly difficult as I am running out of steam already and have so many more words to write!

I am discovering that I possess numerous writing deficiencies important to novel writing. My first problem is with character development. My characters are flat and have little personality! My protagonist, for instance, needs at least one good character flaw to make her more human.  Well, she’s perfect! (I did say in a previous post that she was loosely based on me, didn’t I? Ha, ha)

A secondary, but equally important problem is that I have no plot! Sure, my protagonist discovers something huge on that lake bed. But, what, I don’t know. It could be a treasure, human bones, or, or, what? Arrgh!

And, so, I continue to write willy-nilly with no real plan just waiting for that big “Aha!” to hit me.

If any of you have any ideas, please send them to me!

This is a good time for me to take a break and tell you about how I spent the rest of my weekend. We had a good friend come from out of state for a visit. First, I had to clean out the guest bedroom of all the “Sam is not allowed to have this” stuff and find other places to hide store it. We ate dinner at Captain Kirk’s on Friday night and I made stuffed pork chops on Saturday evening.

On Sunday, after our friend had headed home, we got a call from two other good friends, Mac and Karen, from Tennessee, who were passing through Charleston and wanted to meet for dinner. We met them at Hank’s Seafood and had a lovely visit.

Today is Monday and I have the day off from work. I have our clothes washed and hanging on the line, I am writing, writing, writing, and I hope to make lasagna for dinner if my car gets done at the shop today and I can get to the store for ingredients.



Oh, and then there is the new little kitten. We don’t know if all its sisters and brothers were eaten by stray dogs or if its mother deserted it for the good of the litter because of its injured leg, but to our steps it came last weekend. I do not know yet if it is a boy or girl kitty. We named it Charlie, a somewhat gender-neutral name, after Charlie Chaplin. Brian was not going to allow me to bring it into the house, but I don’t think it will survive on its own outside with no mama to train it. So, after a trip to the veterinarian and treatment for ear mites and worms, it just might be allowed to come into the house. I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want four cats and a dog in their little 1500 square foot house?

 Oh, and since I didn’t have enough to do, I started a Facebook account. If you have a Facebook account and want to be my friend, you can find me by searching my name.


16 thoughts on “I need some writing advice, please

  1. Hey Cin, the kitten is so precious (preshy is a cute name if it’s a girl). We had a similar wild kitten at the stone house that we called Adolf because of a little black mustache (actually really looked like your little orphan). I don’t remember what happen to it but it was sure cute. You seem to be a magnet for these vagrant animals but they sure are lucky to have you around. I hope it stays in the family and it should be a house kitty. The outside world is just too hard for a kitten or even a cat. Coyottes, foxes and bobcats around here kill small pets all the time. Look what happen to Jessica Simpson’s dog :(

    • I worry about little Charlie kitty everyday, but, until we get the ear mites under control and have it checked for feline leukemia I cannot bring it into the house and expose my other cats!

      It has been chilly the past few days and I turn on a heating pad out in the shop for it, which doesn’t even come close to replacing the warmth it would get from snuggling with its mama and siblings or cuddling with us.

      If no one takes it, we’ll have a fun few months in the house keeping Sam from eating it!

  2. I agree with Ken’s suggestion on your story. I’ll have to have him get on and send it to you. But ……………..I love that kitty. Keep pushing and maybe we will take it. Have to really think about that, she/he is so cute.

    Lilly at the vet this morning, having ear surgery. Took Lilly in last night for early morning surgery. Meka (the cat) is in heaven; getting all of our attention. Say a prayer for our dog. Lilly is a very loving, devoted dog, but, is so bad. However, she’s part of the family, in fact, I think Ken (my husband) has her ahead of me. Go figure!

    • Ken made a suggestion for my plot when I talked to him via telephone over the weekend. But, I can’t remember, for the life of me, what it was now! So, yes, have him get on and send it to me!

      This kitten is so cute and so loving and already litter trained! And, I would be so happy if you wanted it! Maybe we can both drive halfway and spend a weekend together and I can give you the kitten!

      Keeping Lilly in my thoughts!

      Thanks for commenting, sister. It’s been a while since I heard from you!

  3. I love your new baby. Rich would kill me if a got another cat! He likes the one we have but…

    Your character flaw could be that you are an annoying baby sister with three older, wiser and lovely sisters! The oldest one being completely brilliant yet devoted to you!!!!

    • Hahaha! Yes! I am sure you are right (about me being annoying, that is)!

      Yes, you are brilliant! I love your comments! (still laughing)

  4. “We ate dinner at Captain Kirk’s on Friday night”

    I didn’t know that he had retired into the restraunt business. What does a Starfleet Commander offer on the menu? Just kidding.

    Staying with the Starfleet theme.. maybe that is a crashed UFO on the bed of the lake? Maybe the protagonist is really a decendent of the aliens :)

    Enjoy your blog :)



    • OMG Gene! A UFO could be perfect! That idea never occurred to me! I’m not very well read in the sci-fi genre, though. We’ll see.

      BTW, Captain Kirk’s has great prime rib and seafood!

  5. How about your main character finds treasure…but her flaw is that she is superstitious about a curse found at the treasure site and has to get over this hurdle to solve where the treasure came from…..and at some point in the story she can shout “Eureka”! Only because I like this word.
    Super Preshy kitten…I guess your house guest wouldn’t take it home?

    • A curse on the treasure – that may be a good idea! An old local Indian curse! Someone else suggested my protagonist have a bad smoking habit. I thought that might work, too! I am happy to use the word, “Eureka!.” I am also using the word, “bizarre,” as well, since it is one of my favs. I guess you’ll be wanting me to list you in my acknowledgements, now!

      And about your side note: In the end, our houseguest would not take preshy kitten. : (

      • She could be your “outdoor” preshy kitty! Keeps the mice away! Or just eat the kitty kibble and milk you leave out for her….

        • I must try harder not to become too attached as outdoors is a very dangerous place for tiny kittens. But, yes, outdoors would be much better for the 6 indoor critters.

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