Summertime Blues

Yeah, sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do
cause there aint no cure for the summertime blues…


I finally figured out why I am currently in a state of discombobulation. My space-time continuum is out of whack!

Ever since I got home from the sister vacation, time is playing tricks on my well being and I can’t find my rhythm.

I get up every morning at my usual time and then, it starts. The coffee perks slower, Sam takes longer to go pee, I’m late getting into the shower and then, must rush to get to work, where time stands still, but yet, at day’s end I still have not gotten through my to-do list, only to get home to find there is no food in the house, dinner is served late, the gardening chores aren’t completed, the house is a wreck and it is way past my bedtime.

And so, it occurs to me that I’m suffering from the Summertime Blues. According to the song of the same name (first recorded in 1958 and remade by a number of artists since then), there ain’t no cure. 

I wrote a post about the Dog Days of a short time back   ( In it, I talked about joyful childhood summer memories. But, that was then.

Now, my summer vegetable garden is dying. And, although there is still some produce to pick, the excitement of getting my first tomatoes is long, long gone. And, in order not to waste any of that produce, there is still a bit of canning to do, which is a lot of work for the meager end of season pickings. And, then there is the fall garden to prepare, while it is still a mere 90 degrees and humid outside. 

Many of my perennials are struggling to stay healthy no matter how much effort I spend on them. Most of the annuals are spent. And, the 50 gazillion or so house plants that thrived in the spring outdoors are now drooping. And, the weeding chores, easy to keep up with earlier in the season, are now overwhelming. 

Everything is in a funk.

 Just a few more weeks to go…

If you want to see Eddie Cochran’s performance of this song on You Tube, click on the link below.


14 thoughts on “Summertime Blues

  1. Cindy, The dog days of summer are really what our winter was back north, except in the south it’s the heat! Cooler temps are coming.

    • I love our temperatures this week. I had to put a sweater on this morning, it was so chilly! Woohoo! I hope this means I’ll break out of this funk soon.

  2. Sorry, Pam, the ugly, fat, older sister does not want to be in pictures or films of dancing heads!

    I really don’t know about a tropical sister va-k. I can’t afford to pay attention! …, Shani’s wedding is next May.

  3. I hate to burst your bubble, little girl, but discombobulation is a fact of life for the “older”, er, adult! Mom and dad were discombobulated to some extent. Dennis didn’t have a chance to be discombobulated but I have reached that place where “everything” is out of sorts. Truth be told, it’s not any fun at all!! It takes me three times as long to get anything done around the house. I start something, stop, start something else, stop and get, you know, discombobulated!

    • Well, that sucks! I thought my discombobulation was just due to the dog days of summer! You’re saying it’s a fact of my old age! Damn, just can’t accept that yet! Going to continue to have hope that this will pass, dammit!

  4. Yea, little peep, I feel it too. I put some of the blame on the shorter daylight hours, cooler nights, and knowing that a long cold winter is around the corner. It just plain depresses me. Keep plugging, before you know it spring will be around the corner.

    Hey, we need to start planning for next year’s sister vacation. The Carribbean can be on that agenda if we can do it before April 28th or we can enjoy each other company at someone’s house to help save money in our uncertain economy.

    • I wish my nights were cool! I’m so so sick and worn out from the constant heat! I can’t wait to use a blanket to sleep! Fall is fabulous and winter is pretty good here, too. The end of summer sucks!

      I’m not sure if I can save for Carribean by next April, but I will give it my best shot if everyone else is interested! We can always do my house again, too. Must do it before the end of May or after August! (I’d prefer October!)

      • A sister vacation the Carribean….I see Fun Trouble written all over that one! I say go for it!

    • Hey sister peeps, can we pull off a Feb – April Carribbean vacation or visit sister peep Cindy. I don’t know if I can wait for next Oct. Seems so far away. Let’s get planning and saving for our get together. Linda, next time we do a group sister thing like the dancing heads you must be involved. These are our lifetime memories that will sustain us when we’re 80.

  5. I got the SummerTimeBlues, too. My house is in serious need of another deep cleaning. I still haven’t finished this second afghan and the back yard is a mess. I’m hopeful that we’ll both be back on track when the weather cools off and we get to go to St. Augustine for a little pick-me-up! Fountain of Youth, here I come!

    • Yes, when I get through these Summer Time Blues this year, a trip to the Fountain of Youth is not only wanted, but needed, too!

    • Goo goo ga joob!

      You know, back in days of yore, people believed the dogs days of summer were an evil time “when the seas boiled, wine turned sour, dogs grew mad, and all creatures became languid, causing burning fevers, and hysterics.”

      Sheesh, I guess I’m lucky I just feel discombobulated!

      Hang in there! We’re getting to the end of it!

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