Are you giving anything up for Lent?

I normally do not give much thought to Lent, although, I have, in the past “given” up something important to me for the required 40 days.

My most recent memory of “giving up something” is when I gave up cussing for a friend that thought I sounded trashy when I talked!

It’s been several years ago now. I remember it being hard in the beginning, and then, getting easier as the days progressed. She helped me see that being clever did not require adding the “f” word to my conversations.

So, I have been good about the cussing for quite a while now.

Somehow, the 40 day Lenten requirement to change a behavior worked for me and I have decided to do it again.

Ok, having said this, let me forward to 2012 Lenten Eve.

I’ve decided to add a prayer to my morning ritual. I know that those of you that really know me know I am not one to say prayers!

But, there is power in prayer, no matter what god you pray to.

So, beginning on the first day of Lent,and extending to the very last day, I plan to say this prayer:

Dear Supreme Being, God, or my internal self,

Help me to stay focused and work on my home business.

Help me to be kind to everyone I meet, even if their actions make me angry.

Help me to prepare meals that are heart healthy for both of us.

Help me make my home a place that people like to visit.

Help me make the best decisions.

Help me smile at every stranger I meet.

Help me censor my words so they inflict no harm.

Keep my husband safe from harm.

Help my husband do the right things at his job to stay healthy.

Keep him safe while travelling the roads to and from work.

Help him heal his body by taking better care of it.

Help me take better care of my body.

Keep my extended family safe from harm and happy with their lives.

Thank you for giving me another beautiful day to enjoy.


And, every morning I will say this prayer.

Will it make any difference? What do you think?