Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas Eve as I write this. Brian and I just got home from a round of golf at Holly Hill Country Club.  It was pretty and sunny and a high of 65 degrees today.  I hadn’t golfed since May when my sister Pam and her husband, Gary, visited us for their vacation, and boy, it showed!

In a nutshell, my golf game sucked. You want to know my score? 129. Yeah, I know, no one scores that! And, it’s ironic since I actually had some really great shots, today! Honestly, I can hit a straight drive 150 to 180 yards EVERY SINGLE TIME. I swear. It’s my fairway game and short game that pretty much bite! On the worst scoring hole, hole number 7, I hit a fantastic drive, followed by eight additional shots to reach the green. Then, for a surprise, I sunk a 30 foot putt, to finish the hole with a 10! Seriously.

Brian, on the other hand, even with what I suspect is a torn rotator cuff, had a good golf day. He swung his club so gently that the club did most of the work and he eliminated his slice!

If you’ve ever played at Holly Hill Country Club, you know it’s name alone is an oxymoron! Far from country club stature, it’s a short nine hole course, with a little club house, swimming pool and tennis courts attached. The fairways are wide open and there’s no water that really comes into play. Well, except for today, when I somehow found the water twice. But, it is a great place to practice your short game with only two long par-5 holes. To play 18 holes, you go around the course twice.

Since Brian and I are living on a very limited income these days, and we’re basically broke, the golf outing was our Christmas gift to each other.

Now, we’re home and in our loungers and spending a quiet Christmas Eve evening watching sports and computing (Brian at the TV and me at the keyboard here with you).

On Christmas Day, Brian and I are spending the day alone together, too. It’s just the way it worked out this year. We’re okay with that. As a matter of fact, we have a tee time at Lake Marion Golf Course, the only course open, on Christmas day. But, the weather is predicted to get colder on Christmas day and it might rain and since we blew our wad today, we are cancelling that plan.

We are planning a nice breakfast and then later, dinner for two for Christmas day. I’ll probably spend some time working on my crafts and Brian will watch bowl games and we’ll play computer games. I’m glad he’s my best friend!

So, to close, I want to wish all of you Happy Holidays! Merry Christmahanakwanzika or whatever! I don’t care who you are or what you believe, you are my friend and if your winter solstice holiday means peace, love, joy, then I wish that for you and yours!

I have three camellias bordering our house. They bloom in the winter. Pretty, aren’t they?


Weekend Update

It was a pretty good weekend for us.   The cold snap is finally over and the weather was lovely.

Brian finished painting the dining room on Saturday. (Well, almost. He still has to paint sash on two windows.)  The top (above the chair rail) is Medecca Ivory and below is Nantucket Green.  Both colors were leftovers from jobs Brian had done and since I couldn’t decide on colors, we let what was in the paint pantry decide for us. I couldn’t have picked any better. It looks so fabulous.  I washed clothes and hung them on the clothesline and made Chicken Divan for dinner. The rest of the day, I spent “twittering.” In a nutshell, Twitter is a social network and it is very addicting.

On Sunday, we went golfing at our favorite course, Lake Marion. It’s a very nice, well manicured course (not too hard). And, all the people that work there are great!  For as crowded as it was, the pace of the game was just right, too. We only had one little backup at Number 10, but we got to meet the party ahead of us. That threesome was with a group of sixteen other guys from Ohio who come here every winter for golf vacation. They go home tomorrow to 18 inches of snow! 

 Brian’s goal was to break 80 and mine was to break 100. No, neither of us quite did it, but it was still a good day for me. I think I’m decidely somewhat a little tiny bit better with my fairway woods and my putter. At least I was yesterday.

I’m cooking a pot roast with potatoes and carrots in the crock pot today.  That crock pot is a great tool for weekday suppers, that I don’t use nearly often enough. I’m looking forward to a yummy dinner and quality leftovers for lunch on Tuesday.


Christmas Golf

That's me at the tee box!

That's me at the #1 tee box!

This is just one of a ton of reasons I love about living in the Low Country of South Carolina…Golfing on Christmas Day. 

We met a nice couple from Canada. Jim and Annette.

New Friends, too!
New Friends, too!

The next day, we took them to Charleston and gave them the nickel tour; we walked through the market and historic King Street; we drove down to the Battery and looked out at Fort Sumter; and we lunched at our favorite Greek Restaurant, Old Towne Grill.

We were hoping to get together with them one more time before they headed back home to the far reaches of the north, but couldn’t get it coordinated with the other plans we made with family for the New Year’s weekend.

Maybe we’ll see them again next year…