Regrowing celery from celery

I just bought a head of celery from the grocery store and was a bit shocked to find that it cost  $1.99. (Yes, I thought the price was rather high for the eight or so ribs attached.)

I had seen this idea on Pinterest on how to regrow celery and decided to try it. 

First, you cut off the bottom.

And, then you stick it in some dirt.

What do you think? Will I get some celery sprouts or will this little project be a bust?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I have gone back and forth on what to call a bunch of celery. Technically, the whole head is the “stalk” and individual leafstalks are “ribs.” But, somewhere along the line, someone confused one stalk with one rib and now if a recipe calls for two stalks of celery, you can probably assume it really calls for two ribs and not two whole heads! Got it?