A winter garden tale

I’ve been getting asked frequently (not really, just once, actually) about my winter garden this year. I thought I’d show you a few pictures.

The broccoli are doing great! I’ve blanched and frozen a few batches already and still have more to come.

The cabbages are about the size of large grapefruits and feel very solid. I should be able to cut some of those soon.

The cauliflower are beginning to form heads. I am very excited about it as last year they didn’t do so hot. I didn’t know last year that a frost will ruin the heads and I lost most of them. This year, I read about a procedure called blanching. This is where you collect the outer leaves in a bunch to surround the fragile heads and close with a loose rubber band. I have not done it yet, but continue to watch weather reports for frost warnings.

The Brussels sprouts are struggling a bit this year. The little heads are loose and turning brown. I’ve read that removing the lowest sprouts will help the plant make better heads. I’ve done that and hope they start producing better as these are a favorite eating vegetable of mine.

I’m also growing collard greens. They are typically very easy and can be ignored for the most part. This year, I am getting a mediocre crop for some reason. I didn’t even bother taking their picture.

Sweet onions will stay put until February or March. I’ll pull them just in time to begin preparations for the spring/summer crop.


A new year and a new look

As I have said several times this year already, there is a lot of ‘moving forward’ going on for me in 2012. And, this blog is no exception with a new look!

It was actually quite by accident. I was updating programs (they get updated regularly mostly for security purposes) and when I got to the current theme I was using, I hit the update button, and voila, my blog was so very screwed up! I had no choice but to change the theme, create new headers, change some formatting, yada, yada. I hope you like it.

Since my last writing, I have finished another gourd. I think it my best ever!

We had our first hard freeze of the season the other night. It was wicked cold! I wore long johns under my sweat pants, and made homemade hot cocoa in an effort to keep us warm and cozy. Even Sam Dog got his ears covered!

 And, I had to cover the garden vegetables, too! Now, most fall gardens are done producing in these parts near the end of November, but mine was super slow to start. I don’t know if I needed more fertilizer or what, but, when most people were pulling out their garden remnants, I was watching my cabbages finally forming heads.

With my first head of cabbage, I made cabbage rolls.



After all this time and even after the hard freeze the other night, my cauliflower and red cabbages are finally forming some nice heads.


By the time my fall garden is done, it will be time for spring planting, once again!

So, what have you been up to, lately?