Well played, Mayans

As I write this post, it is 12-12-12. Pretty significant if you’re a numbers person, I reckon. The next repetitive date occurs on 01-01-01 (short for January, 1, 2101). That’s a mere 89 years and 19 days away!  It’s pretty safe to say, I won’t see it, but lots of people living right this minute would be alive on that day…


The world comes to an abrupt end on December, 21, 2012, as the Mayan calendar indicates.

The Mayans were pretty smart. They excelled at agriculture, pottery hieroglyphics, writing and mathematics. Maybe they knew something about the end of days that we don’t. I mean, really, how do we know?

Why did their calendar stop there, I wonder? Did their calendar maker wake up one morning with an epiphany and somehow know that there would be no more days after that date? Did he drop dead while taking his 15 minute break, smoking a cigarette and resting his weary mind and fingers by the water’s edge on the day he got to that particular date? Was there no one else to pick up the calendar making mantle? Did the calendar maker and the other noteworthy Mayans, sit around a fire one night, smoking some mind-altering drug, and scheme to play an outrageously hilarious practical joke on the Mayans of 2012?

I like to think they were practical jokers, myself. I bet they laughed about it all night long, getting high on peyote and munching on ancient twinkies.

Then again, maybe those Mayans really had an inside track to infinity. The end of days COULD happen on that day, right? OR, it could happen later this afternoon. Or, next year, or in a hundred years, or a thousand years, or never.  I think they knew that. And, that is why they stopped.

Well played, Mayans, well played.

This is the best Mayan Calendar joke ever, by Dan Piraro. Please visit his site to read about his take on it! (YES, Click right here!)


Minnetonka Moccasins

I got a new pair of house shoes a few days ago. They’re called Minnetonka Moccasins.

Minnetonka. Loosely interpreted as “Great Water.” Located near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Near Lake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Creek. First settled by Dakotah and Ojibway Indians.

Really cool moccasins.

Not surprised, but definitely disappointed.


What’s up with the neighbors?

So, my neighbors – not the ones we are close friends with, the ones on the other side that we are cordial to in passing – are home safe and sound from some sort of mini-vacation that begun last Wednesday or Thursday and lasted until Monday.

I had worried about their welfare since the morning I heard them (or someone else sinister-like) packing up their family vehicle with stuff at an incredibly odd hour of the morning).

It was dark and I couldn’t see through the bushes well enough, but the dark shadows just didn’t look like Rupert and Jan. No one spoke as several trips back and forth from the house and to the car were made.

Then, the vehicle roared to life and it was gone. After daybreak, I noticed that the neighbor’s house looked forlorn. Quiet.  Jan’s car stayed parked  – not even in her usual spot – even after she normally left for work.

My mind struggled to recall details of what I had seen in the morning, something that might hint if they were making a trip together or if something more sinister had happened to them.

Brian said he was sure they had just gone away for a few days. I asked, “How do you know? Maybe someone invaded their home last night while they innocently slept and once startled, the culprits killed them and loaded up Rupert’s car with body parts and such.“

Brian accused me of a vivid imagination. I guess I’m watching too many ID (Identification Television) programs – ‘On the Case with Paula Zahn,’ ‘Dateline on ID’, and ‘Who the Bleep Did I Marry?’

So, I knew I was being silly, but just the same I kept my eyes and ears open for anything strange going on over there, half wondering if I’m not being too silly after all.

And, later, I purposely drove past their store in town, slowing down to read the sign – Be Back Tuesday.

Ok, so there it was. Rupert and Jan must just be on vacation!


Unless, the perpetrators stole the key to their business, robbed the place blind, and put a note on the door to throw authorities off.

So, I kept my eyes and ears open for a couple of days and this morning, very uneventfully, they came home from wherever it was they were.

This ever happen to you?