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Hi. My name is Cindy O’Neil.

I am a fifty-something, empty nester, married for some thirty odd years to my high school sweetheart, Brian.

We have one child, a daughter, Carrie, who is grown and living with her husband a couple of hours away.

I live in a small, rural town in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. I am near a fresh water lake, Lake Marion, and also not far from the beach and my beloved Charleston.

Brian and I got here several years ago, after our corporate meltdowns, to live simpler, less complicated, less chaotic lives.

I worked at a number of jobs over the years and consider myself a jack-of-many-trades, but master of none. My work careers include (but are not limited to):

  • Several positions in the financial industry where I was utterly miserable,
  • Corporate Trainer for a proprietary software company, where I was incredibly happy, and
  • Editor of two community newspapers, a job I loved, but which was bound to kill me if I didn’t quit.

Currently, I work from home, helping mom and pop businesses create and maintain their own websites. I also do freelance writing, and since I am also quite adept at organizing, I help folks in that endeavor, too!

My list of likes is long, which must be a good thing. These are listed alphabetically (as I am a neat freak.):

The Beach (Folly Beach, in particular)
(we have four – Grace, Tess, Tink and Charlie)
Cemeteries (I like talking with the dead; they listen well)
Crabbing in the intracoastal waterways

Games (poker, Scrabble, Cranium, Charades – anything involving a crowd!)
(Classic Rock, Classical, Alternative)
Neatness (nothing better than reaching into the spice rack for marjoram and coming out of the cabinet with, well, marjoram.)
Oyster roasts (goes well with bonfires)
Puzzles (Crosswords, Sudoku)
Reading (I like all genres except Romance)
Sam Dog (our rescue dog)
Star gazing
(it makes me happy)

My father, mother and brother are deceased. They died at ages 67, 77, and 57, respectively. I have three sisters, all older than me. I am the baby of the family, which may explain why I am the way I am, or then again, may not have any impact whatsoever on the way I turned out.


24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Cindy,
    Just happened upon your site and could not stop reading out yourself and others. I do not twitt but email. I am a teacher of 28 years. A husband and 3 daughters. All 3 girls are in college. Just wanted to say enjoyed your message and thoughts.


    • Hello Cleva! Very glad you found me! I have been super busy gardening and canning of late, and have neglected my blog a wee bit! But, lots of good topics coming up on my site. Please visit more!

      Teaching is a very noble profession and I commend you! And, congratulations on having three daughters in college!

  2. I am so very pleased to see that “Cindy’s Country Corner” has not only survived the HHO and SS, but apparently thrived!!!! You go girl!

  3. first off, I love reading your stories! I can hear to speak when I read them….anywho, My mom is weird. ya-a-yaa

  4. Nice site, and I enjoy your tweets. In New England, there is a myth that the oldest manufactured candy is NECCO Wafers, which are made by the New England Confectionary Company. Here’s their site, claiming 1840s.

    • To Chuck. Thanks for visiting. AND for your comment about Necco. I’m thinking it’s all in the terminology used to advertise. Necco says “oldest candy made on a multiline” and Good & Plenty says oldest “branded” in the US. Not entirely sure what either of them mean, but I’m sure they are both tellin’ the truth!

      You know Necco Wafers are pre-Civil War. WOW!

  5. Hey sister peeps, especially favorite middle child (even though we all know that I was the favorite good girl child) the yell was really auugh –aught. I also didn’t get it at first cause Yaaa Yaaa sounded like Yada Yada. We still have fun doing it and sometimes we do it in public, like at a grocery store in S.C. and at a Renaissance festival in Colorado. So here’s to all my sisters Auugh – Aught. I HOPE YOU ALL HERE ME.

  6. Hey, the site keeps getting better. But, you have forgotton something everyone in the US, even the world wants to hear more about, your beautiful sisters. Lets hear some interesting stories about them. Especially, the middle child.
    YAAA a YAAA. Did you hear that Pam?

    1/28/09 Love ya sister.

    • I was wondering when I might finally get a comment from one of my sister peeps. You’re first! Yes, I have a few sister stories that might embarrass your socks off! But, what can you do – you’re stuck with me!

  7. Wow! I am so impressed with your site! I love it! Now I can understand what you have been doing.

    • Thanks, Maddie. I didn’t work on the site much over the weekend – I really needed to clean house, PLUS I wanted to finish reading Edgar Sawtelle (I can’t seem to underline this title, why is such a little thing like underlining in a comment so freakin’ hard), which I did, and I enjoyed it.

  8. where else but in south carolina could canadians get a free tour of chas’ton by locals.

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