Congratulations, Shani and John!

The recent wedding of my niece was wonderful on all counts! Of course, it is always great to spend time with my sisters, who are hands-down absolutely my best friends and who I do not get to see often enough.

And, in the days prior to and after the wedding, I noshed my way through my old hometown favorite foods, like an Em’s Original Torpedo, Murphy’s wings, Shaffer’s teaberry ice cream, Gibbles potato chips, AND topped all that off with my brother-in-law Ken’s fantastic grilled steak dinner, which made my taste buds and tummy extremely happy!

I got to visit with my extended and I went to the cemetery to see Mom and Dad and Dennis. I did the covered bridges tour and visited Gravity Hill with Carrie and Pam (which will be written about in future blog posts).  And, we shopped at Boscov’s, a very cool department store where you always leave thinking you have found a bargain!

But, the highlight of this long weekend spent in western Pennsylvania, my whole purpose in being there, was for Shani and John’s wedding.

John and Shani May 29, 2010
(Photo copyrighted by Kelley P. Smallman Photography)


To Shani and John,

It was a lovely wedding and reception! Thank you for sharing your day and showing your guests a wonderful time! I watched the two of you laugh a lot together on your wedding day, and I thought to myself that YES, laughter is the secret to a long lasting loving relationship. And, so my wish for you both, on your journey through this life together, is that you always make each other laugh!

Oh, and in 20 years or so, when you have your Renewal of Ceremony, be sure to invite me!


12 thoughts on “Congratulations, Shani and John!

  1. You know little sister, you better get some new stuff. Miss your stories.

    PS – know you are busy, just kidding.

  2. I am so glad everyone had such a good time. Too bad we didn’t get to spend more time together. I agree a family reunion should be planned.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful Wedding. Shani and John looked beautiful. The food was fantastic. The best food at any wedding I have ever attended.

    Remember to be kind, love and always communicate to each other. Shani, you are blessed to find such a great man. He’s a knock out and I just love his beautiful blue eyes. And, what a worker bee.

    Yes, sister, what fun we had the night before the wedding, everyone trying on dresses. What fun and laughs.

    Lastly, John, you are now officially in our family, welcome aboard to all of Linda’s crazy sisters. Love you and Shani.

  4. Klang Yai and Thavy took a lot of pictures and I’ll ask them to share some of them with you. The wedding was fantastic and I enjoyed the time we all spent together.

    We do need a family vacation/reunion. We talked about some time in October and I’m game for doing that. Gary mentioned that he’d like to go to S.C., see the sights, do some golf etc. if Brian would like some company while the sisters do their thing. That’s if Cindy is up for company. If you all want a big family reunion we should start planning for next year and get Denny and Lori to come too.

    • I have NO pics of this wedding! My photos are filled with the phtographer! So, I can buy them from her OR wait for some family to send me some! I would love to post more pics! Anyone, (Nudge to Thavy, the camera freak nut, please send me some photos to upload!!!!)

  5. So glad you chose this picture for your blog. I thought it was one of the nicest ones!

  6. John is the most wonderful son-in-law. Shani picked the best! Both Rich and I have been told by many of our friends that Shani and John’s wedding was the best they ever attended! It was fun, wasn’t it!

    I also enjoyed having my “girls” in town. We always find something to laugh about! Too bad you and Carrie had to leave so soon. Looking forward to the next sister vacation.

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