A Spring memory

If I was a bluebird, I would want to live here!

We are in the full throes of here in the Lowcountry. The beautiful pastel colors are a welcomed sight after the drab winter. Daffodils, tulips, forsythias and fruit tree blossoms dot our countryside. Deciduous trees are popping tiny leaves, and, warmer days beckon us out of out winter shells.

So, we spent the day Saturday doing outdoor

I love my plant house. Major cleanup this year!

things.  Brian built two bluebird houses to put on our property.

I spent the day organizing the plant house, cleaning pots, and readying it for a new season.

When I took a break from my tasks, I sat on a bench enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face and the songs of the birds. It was a perfect day. Almost.

Every spring I recall one

I washed about 40 pots on Saturday. I can't wait to fill them up with stuff!

thing that I miss from my childhood that we cannot get in the south. So, I sat on my bench and let my mind drift back to those spring days of my youth, sitting on the porch swing at the stone house, the house I grew up in, catching that subtle wonderful fragrance from the lilac bushes growing nearby.

We can’t grow here. Many have tried, but our climate is no good for them. It’s not really due to the

I wish we could grow lilacs here.

heat in the summer that they do not grow well here, but, more that they need a long period of winter chill in order to bloom well. We have a substitute for lilacs called the lilac chaste tree. The flowers are somewhat similar, but its blooms are not fragrant, so, it’s not even remotely the same.

I have discovered though, that if I sit very still and close my eyes and go back to that porch swing, I can smell the lilacs. Almost.


7 thoughts on “A Spring memory

  1. I would send you some lilacs if I could! In the midwest they grow like weeds: literally they are planted on every municipal boulevard and abandoned patch of land. Too bad they flower for such a short time. I pick some every year and they wilt much too quickly, but the aroma is heavenly!

    • Yes, I remember that they don’t keep long once they are cut, but if you have an abundance of them, a few vases filled throughout the house is wonderful!

  2. I, too, remember the stone house and all the nature surrounding it. I miss that house and even dream of it occasionally. I miss the hummingbirds that came in droves to the feeders attached to the lilac bushes. You could actually stand by the feeders and see the hummingbirds up close and personal! Mom loved that house and all of her flowers and bushes! Dad, on the other hand, hated all the work and upkeep of that property.

    I drive by that house now and it’s not the same anymore. The new owners remodeled it to the point of it being unrecognizable. I wonder if they still have the lilac bushes…and the hummingbirds.

  3. I certainly can not get this in Savannah, but I do remember the smell of a good rain soak causing oak leaves and acorns to start to rot and ferment on the ground in the fall. Funny you remember spring and I remember fall!

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