Sister Vacation, Part 2

I published a story last week about my visit to Phipp’s Conservatory In Pittsburgh, PA with my sister peeps.

Well, we did a lot more than just that on our yearly vacation together, but those of mine wore me out and I’ve been just too pooped to write!

I tried to upload our Dance Heads DVD on You Tube, but it will not convert  to MPEG, so the world may not ever see our amazing performance!  But, embarrasing as many of them are, here are some of the pictures:

We rode the Rollo Coaster at least three times. I could scratch that off my bucket list, but have decided that I want to ride it again when I am 80!


4 thoughts on “Sister Vacation, Part 2

    • Carrie dear if you haven’t seen your mom’s copy of the musical dancing triplets you must bug her and get her to show you. It has Bonnie, Cindy, and myself singing with bodies to die for. (It’s our heads on slim little bodies – that are not ours and boy can they dance.) It’s a hoot. If possible I’d like to make it a family tradition do something like that everytime we get together and that means Linda too. We have to treasure our times together. Anyway, let me know what you think after you see it.

  1. Loved every moment that we spent together. Idlewild was great. It’s too bad that the Dance head clip didn’t copy to youtube. We put ours in to show our friends and it makes us laugh so hard we almost pee our pants. I’m not crazy about the pictures of me on the rides with my mouth hanging open but it was sooooo much fun (and a little scary at times).

    • I haven’t completely given up on Dance Heads. I might be able to take it to a pro and convert it!

      Funny, how critical we are of pictures of ourselves. Your mouth hanging open is what made those pictures great!

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