A bucket list

Have you seen the movie “The Bucket List”? Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson), the billionaire, and Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman), a smart scholarly mechanic, meet in a cancer ward and decide to compose a bucket list – things to do before they kick the bucket. They go off on their bucket list adventure jumping from planes, racing cars, gazing at pyramids, etc.

I watched the movie last year on DVD with my sisters during our sister vacation in Colorado. I don’t think any of us actually sat down and composed a list afterward, but we talked about it being a cool idea. We agreed that our whitewater rafting adventure was something we could cross off our imaginary lists. They (not me) also got their tattoos (not on my list), which was something they had talked about doing for several years, so they could cross that off their lists, too. Instead, I jumped off a bridge into the Poudre River and crossed that off my imaginary list!

Sometimes I think about composing my real bucket list. I wonder what I would put on it.

Here is what I’ve got so far:

  • I’d like to write a book AND have it published AND have it be number one on the NYT bestseller list.
  • I’d like to tour all seven continents. I’d like to spend a year in each one (other than Antarctica – several weeks would probably do it there).
  • Barring being able to do item listed above, I’d like to go to the UK and tour the countryside, see Stonehenge and kiss the Blarney Stone (after I wiped it off with sanitizer, of course).
  • I’d like to see Australia and New Zealand and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef (without any fear of sharks).
  • I’d like to go to Greece or anywhere in the Mediterranean and drink Ouzo with the locals.
  • Closer to home, I’d like to go to Vancouver, British Columbia, New Orleans and Boston.
  • I’d like to swim with dolphins or whale sharks (gentle giants).
  • I’d like to start my own business doing something so enjoyable I don’t think of it as work.
  • I’d like to break the world record for longest roller skating.
  • I’d like to get a hole in one.
  • I’d like to learn Gaelic.
  • I’d like to take a ride in a hot air balloon.
  • I’d like to learn to ballroom dance.
  • I’d like to ride the Rollo Coaster at Idlewild Park with my sisters.

What I am discovering in creating a written list is that it is hard. There is a part of my brain that is telling me that if I put it to paper, I better get it all down or risk losing my chance of ever doing it. Which is silly, of course, because in reality our bucket lists are in our hearts, not written down and we check things off as we go through life.

So, dear people, what’s on your bucket lists that you haven’t already crossed off?


19 thoughts on “A bucket list

  1. Bucket lists? Auctually a great idea is to really try and do things you always wanted to do but never seem to make time to do it. Golfing, playing the violin, tattoo’s are a start but I’d really like to go to Israel someday and walk where Jesus walked. I’d also love to learn to play the piano and take up painting.

  2. Hey, where is “goodie, goodie” sister’s list . . . Pam! One thing on her list I am sure is all turns out well for Friday. Us sisters are all praying for you.

  3. I wrote my bucket list… then I realised I’d already done most of what was on it… so I threw it in the bucket. But on a more serious note, what do you do if you write a bucket list and then tick everything off? I mean the cancer guys knew their days were numbered, but what if you’ve done everything on the list at, say, 45? Nothing left to live for… *sigh*

    • Sheesh! New Zealanders are always so ornery! There is always someting new to put on the bucket list!

      Your bucket list? I notice you never mentioned anything you would want to do, but, I bet you want to come to South Carolina, meet me and my dog, in person, and maybe my sisters, too, and go shrimping! That’s what I’d want to do , if I were you! Ha, ha!

  4. There are many on my list, however, I would like to have all of us sisters closer (in proximity) so we could spend more time with each other and each other’s families. Colorado, South Carolina, Pittsburgh and Pa are too scattered. I do appreciate our promise to make it a plan that we get together at one of our houses once a year. And, Carrie and Steve are invited, along with Shani and Kara; Jason, Klang, Tavy, and new baby. It would be wonderful if Lori and Denny could come up from TX.

    One thing for sure on my bucket list would be to see Susan again.

    • We could plan one of our sister vacations in Texas. We could probably rendezvous at Dennis’ house and make day trips from there! And, on one of those trips go see Susan! Course, Dennis would have to be agreeable to us piling into his house. (I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t just love to have us. We are his favorite aunts, after all!)

  5. …….And learning Spanish. I never took a language in school. As far as traveling the world, I’d love to but I’m never going to have money to do such things. Realisticly(sp), I’m lucky to go to Johnstown occasionally!

  6. Well DON’T kiss the Blarney Stone. I’ve heard the locals pee on it for kicks. Speaking of kicks, I’d like to get my kicks on Route 66 and travel to Las Vegas BABY!

    • Ha, I guess I won’t kiss the Blarney Stone, after all! Maybe, I’ll just kiss an Irishman. Oh, wait, I already do that!

      I see you in your old mustang with the top down (I know it wasn’t a convertible, but in my vision, it is) cruising Route 66 with your hair blowing in the wind, three dogs eating air in the backseat!

  7. That’s a great movie! And, you made a great list here too! But, as for the movie, they did break the one rule of Dr. Rus’ Movie Reviews – “Don’t hurt the ‘Stang!” They hurt a classic Mustang in the movie. LOL!

    • Aah, yes, that’s right about the mustang! But, I must ask you, would racing be on your bucket list? Cause, I’m wondering what you would drive, if not Stella (Dr. Rus’s mustang).

  8. Picture this in your head, if you dare. One of my top “bucket list” items is bellydancing.

  9. Yay you want to go to NZ! Thats a good list, i want to travel the world but i think i would ok in skipping past Antarctica =)

    I’d like to
    -go sky diving
    -drive a race car or be a passenger in one =)
    -Become a millionaire

    and im still building =)

    • Ha, ha, Sammie! Maybe when I’m ready for my trip to New Zealand, you will be living there again and you can show me the great places that only the locals know!

      I like your bucket list, although, I admit that jumping from planes would never be on mine!

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