The Cell Phone

Two events transpired recently that caused me to get a cell phone. What? No cell phone, you say. What planet am I from? Gee, even kids in kindergarten have cell phones.

I know. I used to have one, but when I chose to live a more simple, less chaotic , I gave it up. And, I haven’t missed carrying one around with me for over five years. 

I guess I could go on a tirade here and give you all my reasons for hating cell phones, but let me just jump ahead to what happened recently.

First, several weeks ago while on my way home from work, I got stuck on the interstate behind an accident. This wasn’t just any little ol’ accident. This was a doozy that happened on the crest of the bridge going over Lake Marion on I-95 and involved a semi and several cars.  I was about a minute behind it.

It was still daylight when the accident first occured and traffic slowed to a stop. I didn’t think I’d be stuck for long, so I pulled out my current read (The Story of Edgar Sawtelle) for something to kill time. Thirty minutes later, at dusk, it was too hard to read  and I was wondering if my hairdresser would continue waiting for me to get there for my cut.

An hour later, I wondered if hubby was beginning to wonder why I was late. An hour after that, I knew he’d be worried. 

I thought about borrowing someone’s phone. But,  gee, it was just too dark to approach a complete stranger’s car, rap on a window and ask to use a cell phone.

So, I sat and I waited. I kept thinking that surely we’d get moving soon. And, of course, we didn’t.

Now, there is a story on being stuck in the dark with a bunch of strangers, with nothing to eat or drink and it’s cold, and you know your family may be getting worried about you, and your body is starting to ache, and there’s nothing to do, etc., but telling that tale digresses from my ultimate point – that it would have been pretty damn good to have a cell phone in that situation.

The second incident occured even more recently. While on my way home from work the other day, my car died. The tensioner pulley broke, which is what holds the serpentine belt in place, which controls steering, water pump and alternator. Stuck on the side of the road, my choices were pretty limited. I ultimately decided to walk into town to use a phone and accepted a ride from a total stranger so I could get to a phone to call for assistance.

I know that with an aging automobile and given the remoteness of where I live and considering the length of my trip to work everyday, having a cell phone is a smart decision.

But tell me this, why does this tiny little thing feel so heavy in my purse?


5 thoughts on “The Cell Phone

  1. Don’t you just hate it when you are working at your desk and “Mr. Important” comes in the office and has to answer his cell phone and not in a quiet way as to say ‘hold on’ and walk out of the building but has to linger around your desk proving his importance-how rude! Also, don’t you just hate it when you go to lunch with someone who can’t leave their cell phone in the car or at least not look to see who it is until after lunch and insist on answering just to talk about what they ate last night-come on we are suppose to be eating now! How rude!

    • Yes, to Pat! I hate both of those cell phone situations. These people need a book on cell phone etiquette!

  2. Finally got a cell phone, did you? They really are annoying but a definite necessity. How did we ever live without them? …(We had to “rely on the kindness of strangers” when we got stranded.) PLUS, they are expensive….just go over on your minutes. Now there is texting – which can be fun – right Pam? I got a cell phone so I can type messages to people instead of calling them on the phone. That makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

    • To Linda. Hey, big sister! Do you have unlimited texting? ME TOO! Let’s start texting each other! Hey, does Pam have it, too? OOOH, having a cell phone might be kinda fun after all! Hey, Bonnie, do you have it, too?

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